Stephen has decided to shut down N.W.D.S Pest Control due to health and retire. Thank you for all your support over the years.


We will exterminate and remove the wasp nests and give advice on wasps and flies.

Untreated Infestations Can Cause:

• Contamination of food.
• Threat of stings — some particularly susceptible individuals can even be killed by wasp or bee sting.

Danger Signs To Watch Out For:

  • Live or dead insects.
  • Nests — under the eaves, in lofts, in bushes or trees, etc.
  • Noise — constant buzzing or humming.


Extermination of flies by fumigation, UV lights and fly screens.

The housefly (Musca domestica) is the most common fly occurring in homes, the most familiar of all flies and indeed one of the most widely distributed animals; it is a pest that can facilitate serious diseases.

Houseflies can take in only liquid foods. They spit out saliva on solid foods to pre-digest it and then suck it back in. They also vomit partially digested matter and eat it again.

The flies can walk on vertical planes and can even hang upside down from ceilings. This is accomplished with the surface tension of liquids secreted by glands near their feet.

Flies continually preen themselves, cleaning their eyes with their forelegs and dusting off their legs by rubbing them together. They do this because most of their taste and smell receptors are on the hairs on their legs.

We are the Pests Worst Enemy.

Hornet Wasp


N.W.D.S Pest Control were great, punctual. professional and would definitely recommend them! – Jean

What a brilliant company. Really nice man, sorted my problem quickly and really put my mind at rest. Highly recommend them. – Toni

Very impressed. Called about a wasp’s nest, very friendly and helpful on the phone. Steve came round the next morning, dealt with it efficiently, and wasps were gone by the end of the day. – David